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ZMC-Group and Machmer International Consulting entered into a partnership agreement to cooperate in business activities in all over Europe

Berlin, June 2010
Machmer International Consulting and ZMC-Group are delighted to announce their business partnership. The firms will collaborate and offer their services to companies based in all over Europe with particular focus on Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
Joining their resources and expertise, ZMC-Group and MIC aim to extend their activity in Europe and the  main objective of this partnership is to be more responsive to special client needs, to guarantee a wider variety of services and to ensure results.
With our strengths in consultancy, cooperation, assistance in developing the European market, we offer full support for business meetings or workshops. We bring together companies, market research, targeted marketing, promotion and advertising campaigns, business development, sales management and search of financial support resources for companies and institutions, procurement of funds from the Federal Government to help small and medium enterprises in achieving results in our core markets.
The companies are glad to have established this long lasting cooperation to support your business interests.

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