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Berlin, London-June 2010
This year’s conference follows last year’s successful networking event, which attracted attendees from nearly every European country, Japan and Hong Kong. The program includes a greater focus on vertical applications while also exploring what’s being planned in the European market, particularly in those areas where governments are taking an active role, such as Energy, Transport and Healthcare.
M2M-technologies are increasingly a part of our everyday lives and within the European Union and in the United States there is an emerging and rising awareness about E-Health, telemedicine and Patient Telemonitoring. M2M-technologies are used in our modern society to guarantee comfort and a feeling of security for the elderly and for patients with chronic health conditions.
The European population is decreasing, aging and becoming more heterogeneous. In Germany the percentage of people over 60 years old will reach 40% by 2050. This higher expectation of life and the associated extended aging process requires high value technologies for the Healthcare sector, aimed at assuring the elderly and infirm comfort  and security in their domestic environment.
When talking about M2M communication, most of us think of cellular networks. Of course, an increasing number of M2M applications do use cellular networks, but even though coverage continues to expand, it is becoming clear that satellite also has its part to play in reaching remote locations. For vehicles that move in urban areas or on major highways, cellular coverage is usually good enough, but what about construction equipment at remote locations, agricultural equipment, or ships? Here satellite communication is becoming crucial. Satellites cover the entire globe. Satellite M2M has enormous potential as part of the M2M World and this year's conference is aiming to analyse the growing importance of satellite based M2M.
As satellite connections continue to increase, Digi International’s recent acquisition of MobiApps, an M2M communications technology developer, calls attention to the continuing links between cellular (“terrestrial”) and satellite M2M products and services through acquisitions and partnerships. The M2M satellite business, as tracked by Beecham Research’s forecast data, is heating up.
Satellite networks offer access to remote regions, lacking cellular networks and the oceans that cover 75% of the planet’s surface; roaming agreements don’t apply to them either, as satellites orbit above national boundaries. As such, M2M satellite monitoring is important in the Energy, Transportation, and Construction service sectors as well as for environmental and oceanographic monitoring, which is likely to greatly increase in the years ahead.

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